Michael Myers makes a comeback in the newest teaser for Halloween Kills


Laurie Strode, once a Teen-Babysitter now turned into an Avenging Grandmother, Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as she prepares for her murderous Older Brother returns in the sequel of the 2018’s ‘Halloween,’ Halloween Kills. Early Thursday, a new clip was released online, showing Laurie Strode seen battling Michael Myers as her family is forced to confront the psychotic and murderous masked serial killer yet again. John Carpenter’s original 1978 movie introduced audiences to Michael Myers, a lethal mental patient who wreaks havoc on the fictional town of Haddonfield, Ill., after escaping from prison on Halloween night.

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Halloween Kills picks up following the events of 2018’s “Halloween,” which saw Laurie dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder 40 years after surviving Michael Myers’ original murder spree. “Halloween,” the 11th movie in the franchise, was a huge box office hit in 2018, earning $255 million globally and solidifying its place as the highest-grossing installment in the series. The movie also ranks as the highest-grossing slasher film, not adjusted for inflation. The franchise has collectively generated $640 million in worldwide ticket sales. It is slated to release in theaters on Oct. 15, 2021. A direct follow-up, “Halloween Ends,” is scheduled to debut a year later on Oct. 14, 2022.

Information and Images were provided by Variety and Universal Pictures.


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