Marvel Hero Project: A Incredible Docuseries that highlights Heroic Kids and their accomplishments

Say what you want about Marvel Comics, lately, the company has been getting complaints and heavy criticism about becoming “Too PC (Politically Correct)” due to the revelation of new Super Heroes. But today, we’re going to be looking into the future, and the Extraordinary accomplishments that these children have made to help make the world and their communities a better place. On November 12th, 2019 a Docuseries premiered on the Launch of Disney’s Streaming Service, Disney Plus called Marvel’s Hero Project.

Marvel’s Hero Project: Official Trailer

Over the years, we have seen Comic Publishers such as Marvel bring fans these Heroes who have faced larger than life enemies and Cosmic Threats, struggled with all too similar human fears, insecurities, etc. Both on the Screen and the pages of Comic Books, we have seen it especially in the younger generation of heroes as well; now thanks to Marvel and Disney, we get a look at Heroes who didn’t need the tights or given powers through Gamma Rays, Cosmic Beams or bitten by a Radioactive Spider, these children have their passion and driven by a goal, to make the world and their community a Better Place.

With each episode, we are introduced to a Kid who shares with us their passion, whether its an invention, a charitable initiative they founded, or even a cause they champion; then the folks at Marvel create a special Comic Book that spotlights them and their cause, the image on the left side is a page from an episode that introduced us to Jordan, better known as the Sensational Jordan! Who was inspired by her Limb Difference, she honed her skills as an inventor and a designer, she is a Champion for Inclusivity in the Industrial Design Community. You also have kids like Elijah who speaks out against Child Abuse and inspires not only his Community but rallying people to protect those who the most vulnerable. There are currently 20 episodes and twenty kids who remind us of the goodness in humanity, where often might be overlooked due to the ones who perverse their gifts to make the world a better place, ones who’s greed cloud their minds and judgment. If you would like to read their stories, click here to check out their Comics!

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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